Dan Gottlieb


Upcoming...AMERICAN LANDSCAPE in 3/4 TIME  opening reception May 20, 2017, 6:00

Craven Allen Gallery: 2015

Light Factory: Group Exhibition, 2014

New Pictures: Horace Williams House, 2014


Glimpse: Casilhaus Gallery, Collection Highlights, 2013

Approach: Cassilhaus Gallery, Chapel Hill, NC, 2012


Presence of Absence / New Photographs: S. Reynolds Gallery, Asheville, NC, 2011


About Dan

Dan was born and raised in New York, and lives in Durham, NC.  He studied art and biology at The University at Buffalo; design and photography at San Diego State University;  Art Administration at Winthrop University. He supported himself though art school and as a young artist as a cabinetmaker, before beginning a career in museum work, in 1980.  Since 1990, he has directed planning, design, and architecture for the North Carolina Museum of Art. 

Contact:   gottdan@gmail.com