Reflecting on nature’s grand experiment now may be more relevant than ever. My interest in and appreciation of nature’s ever-changing patterns deepens with the years.  Our planet is a laboratory of bio-chemical chance, evolution, and pattern – all in motion. These pictures evoke nature’s fixed and shifting patterns of light and form, measuring my body's motion syncopated with or counter to those patterns to create blended (chance) depictions of the natural world. Humans, of course, touch every aspect of the grand experiment.  

Process. Images are made with a process developed over decades of experimentation with layered photographs and paint.  Images are reverse printed on acrylic sheets and combined with layers of paint. The surface is sanded, rendering a translucent finish.

Dan Gottlieb was born in New York City and lives in Durham, NC. He studied art and biology, and holds a Master’s in Art Administration. He was a cabinetmaker before beginning his long career as an exhibition designer and museum planner.  Since 1990, Dan has directed planning and design at the North Carolina Museum of Art and guided development of its Museum Park.